Far Infared Sauna

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Far Infared Sauna
Far Infared Sauna

Do I need to be a Colon Hydrotherapy customer to book a sauna?

You don’t need to come and see us for colon hydrotherapy to book and use the sauna. Certainly, doing colon cleansing as well as Far infared sauna treatments will boost your detoxification process but not necessary.

Why use a Far Infared Sauna?

Achieving good health in a world full of toxins has become a daily challenge for all humans, an Infared Sauna is one of the best ways to release those toxins and maintain a healthy body.

Here at The Colonic Clinic we use a Sunstream Sauna. Established in 1999, Sunstream Saunas has been totally committed to improving your health and well-being by providing the most therapeutically effective saunas possible.

Designed with your safety in mind, all Sunstream Saunas feature Nano Carbon ULTRA LOW EMF heaters, 100% Hypo-allergenic Basswood (nontoxic plywood used anywhere in the sauna) and FDA approved non-toxic FOOD SAFE GLUE construction. Sunstream go the extra mile to eliminate all off-gassing materials.

What is Far Infared ?

A Far Infared sauna emits a band of light we perceive as heat. We cannot see this band of light with the naked eye, but we can feel it in the form of heat. Our sun produces most of it’s energy output in the infared segment of the spectrum. Infared rays heat your body without having to heat the air in-between in a process called “conversion”.

Far Infared penetrates organic substances such as the human body up to 4-5cms so that the warming effect is very uniform.

Are Far Infared Saunas safe?

Far Infared Saunas should not be confused with Ultraviolet (UV) Light which can cause sunburn and damage to the skin.

Even though exposure to the sun can be beneficial to the health, sunbathing must only be enjoyed in moderation because of the harmful UV rays. Far Infared rays are the part of the rays that make you feels warm when you sit in the sun and it is safe and healthy for all living things. We can be exposed to Far Infared heat for hours and it will never cause our skin to burn; it is not only safe but highly beneficial to our bodies on a cellular level. Health professionals have used infared heat lamps for decades to treat muscle and joint problems. In hospital baby care units, incubators are often equipped with infared heating systems to keep newborn babies warm.

How does a Far Infared Sauna work?

A Far Infared Sauna differs from traditional saunas as it uses infared radiant energy to penetrate the body’s tissue to produce sweating. Traditional saunas use steam to heat the air inside the sauna, which heats your body until you begin to sweat. For this to be effective, temperatures reach upwards of 90 degrees. Infared saunas only need a temperature of up to 48 degrees to obtain the same effect. This lower temperature makes the atmosphere more tolerable, while also allowing you to breathe easier.

Activated by heat, an infared sauna emit FIR energy that is absorbed by human cells, causing a physical phenomenon called “resonance.” Thus, the cellular activities are instantly invigorated, resulting in better blood circulation and an overall improved metabolism.

Infared rays are highly efficient as heat is penetrated more deeply into the skin when compared to traditional saunas. In fact, one needs fewer treatments or sessions when one uses an infared sauna to get the same results as when he has more sessions in the traditional hot stone saunas.

Benefits of a Far Infared Sauna

Because infared rays penetrate the body over 4-5cms throughout conversion, there is a deep heating effect in the muscles tissues and internal organs without giving too much burden to our heart.

By heating these tissues, we experience a vasodilation (expansion) of peripheral blood vessels which can be beneficial in reducing muscle spasms, joint stiffness as well as general aches and pains due to conditions such as Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Our body reacts to the increased heating through the natural cooling process of perspiring. Through the perspiration process, acid and waste residue like toxins, sodium, alcohol, nicotine, cholesterol and the potentially carcinogenic heavy metals are removed from the cells (especially zinc, lead, nickel, cadmium etc.). The skin is often known as the third kidney because it is believed to be responsible for eliminating up to 30% of body waste.

As well as the pores of our skin opening and discharging waste products, the skin sheds any old skin cells, leaving it glowing and immaculately clean, with improved tone, elasticity, texture and colour.

Raising body temperature powerfully assists the body to kill bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses. Many people cannot get rid of chronic infections because they have low body temperature. Common sites of infections are the sinuses, ears, eyes, bladder, throat and intestines. By creating an “artificial fever”, FIR heat has a positive effect on the immune system. Often misunderstood, fever is a natural healing response of the body.

The function of the immune system is increased naturally during a fever, while virus and bacterial growth is slowed, weakening it’s hold. This helps the body to ward off invading organisms. A FIR heat treatment in the early stages of a cold or flu has been known to stop the disease before the symptoms occur.

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