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Colon Hydrotherapy

Holistic cleansing to remove disease causing toxins from your body.

Colon Hydrotherapy assists the body in restoring and sustaining vibrant health. The Colonic Clinic specializes in Colon Hydrotherapy. This is a safe, gentle internal cleanse, which uses gravity fed warm filtered water, which is infused into the colon for up to 45 minutes. A colonic helps stimulate (exercise) the colon’s natural peristalsis, which aids in the removal of waste and toxins that have accumulated in the large intestine.

The Colonic Clinic maintains the best practice and highest standard of hygiene which includes the use of disposable equipment. The pencil thin tube which you insert 1 inch into your bottom privately provides more comfort than traditional machines. This is unique to the ‘LIBBE’ state of the art TGA/FDA registered colon hydrotherapy systems. Your certified therapist can assist you through the whole process, or if you prefer you can choose to be left to enjoy your experience in private, where staff are only a call button away. A restful ambience is created by soft lighting and music allows you to completely relax as you cleanse.

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